Airbus ASERIS™ Suite

The ASERIS™ electromagnetic simulation suite 

In partnership with Airbus since 2006, IMACS is co-developing the ASERIS™ Software Suite, an essential link in the aircraft design chain (Design, certification and maintenance).

IMACS is the exclusive distributor worldwide for the ASERIS™ suite.

With respect to other commercial software products dealing with electromagnetic phenomena, ASERIS™ main strengths are :
  • a commitment to solve real life problems issued from complex industrial applications,
  • high reliability,
  • very high performance (from desktop PCs to massively parallel supercomputers).

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A variety of solvers  

The ASERIS™ suite for computational electromagnetics was initially developed to serve the needs of the different Airbus Business Units for design, certification and maintenance ASERIST is being codeveloped in partnership with the company IMACS which is responsible for its maintenance and distribution.

A variety of solvers and software components have been developed to adapt to each different situations:
  • ASERIS-BE: based on Boundary Element Method (BEM) in the frequency domain.
    It implements fast solvers such as multi-level Fast Multipole Method (FMM) and H-matrix method. Main applications: radar cross section (RCS), antenna design, antenna siting, EMC, lightning indirect effects (LIE), High intensity radiated fields (HIRF).

  • ASERIS-FD: based on Finite Difference Time Domain method (FDTD).
    Initially developed for RCS analysis, it is mainly used for EMC, Lightning and HIRF

  • ASERIS-NET: Transmission Line Matrix method (TLM) in the frequency domain.
    It is used for network analysis and EMC

  • ASERIS-HF: based on Geometric Theory of Diffraction method (GTD / UTD).
    Mainly used for high frequency propagation, antenna siting, RCS

  • ZEBRA:CAD/CAE graphical user interface for ASERIS-FD, ASERIS-FD - ASERIS-NET 3DNET coupling and ASERIS-BE
    Antenna sitting applications (3D XML import, CAD simplification, meshing operations.)
They are using ASERIS™ Software Suite

In addition to Airbus Operations, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defense and Space, ASERIS™ suite is already used by different companies as

Benefit from Airbus ASERIS™ proven Suite for Electomagnetics
As exclusive distributor worldwide for the ASERIS™ suite, IMACS provides
  • distribution,
  • training,
  • maintenance,
  • support,
  • and... software development to adapt to your specific needs.
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